Focusing on Studying in Europe, URSelf is the most professional Association researching the policies and products of European Education, and providing a marketing network in China for the best universities in Europe.

One of its main products, liuxue163.org, is dedicated to becoming the leading online community introducing most talented Chinese applicants for the top European universities. By developing the most active forum, promoting the idea of Sharing and Do it by yourself, liuxue163.org provides an active interaction platform between Chinese students and professionals.

Without charging any service fees from Chinese students and their parents, URSelf offers information from our cooperated institutions to the China market, and provides opportunities for students in China to meet directly with recruitment office from European schools by themselves. In URSelfs spirit of mutual development, the members of liuxue163 are willing to share, and contribute to their community, and the forum owns a huge number of the most qualified members within only a very short period of time.

We thus invite more institutions to publish your profile and course information on our Chinese marketing website (diy.liuxue163.org) and to come and join our non beneficial activities to meet your prospective students from China.

Advantages of diy. liuxue163.org:

1.Our members are wide-spread, both geographically from inside and outside China, and also from diverse majors including Business, Engineering, Art and Designand so on. According to their different background, we will help them to find out which institution in which country is the best choice for them, since every institution in Europe has its special Strength.

2.Our members are well-aimed. Most of them are prospective or current applicants of European institutions, which make liuxue163.com an ideal choice for well-targeted on-line and off-line communication and promotion.

3.Our members do not count on paid service at Agent in China. They prefer preparing documents all by themselves and exchanging ideas and experience at liuxue163.com. The model at the forum is free, sharing and sincerity, and you could recognize the real level of your applicants without any exaggerating packeting, machine-made, or even false statement.

4.Our members are loyal to this community and will actively join the club activities after they come to different institutions in Europe. Altogether, we will effectively build a long and strong image influence for these institutions in future in china market.